Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hello and welcome to by new blog. This is my first attempt at this so pardon me if it takes a while to get going and figure things out. So just a quick run down of the details in case you don't know. Tommorrow Mark one of my best friends from High School and I are leaving for El Paso Texas/Juarez Mexico. We will be staying with the host family that we lived with in Juarez when we did the Border Studies Program there in college. After a few days there we will head South. We don't have definate plans yet from there. We plan on being in Nicaragua by mid February and to see as many places and people as possible inbetween. In the begining of March, Mark will head back for the States and I will start language school in Guatemala. So if you want to follow our travels check back here often. I will try and post once a week or everyother week. And hopefully I will be able to figure out how to put some pictures up as well. Ok I need to get back to packing since we leave in about 4 hours. Can you say procrastination?

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