Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hey there, friendly blog readers. It has taken a bit but I have figured out how to post too, so Jacob can stop spreading his anti-Mark propaganda across the universe.

No, but seriously, we have decided that Jacob will give you the play by play, and then I will come in with some color commentary. Yes, I will be the Joe to his Marty (that is a Cincinnati baseball reference for those not from the 513).

We have had a good trip. Beaches, Busses, Blue Agave plants. Todo bien con nosotros.

Jacob has informed me that we have been here an hour and will be paying more if we stay much longer, so I am going to cut this short for now.

More to come soon, including a detailed account of spilling orange fanta into my taco as well as an ode to pooh. Tiddley-tum.

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