Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We arrived in Mexico City Monday afternoon from Guadalajara. The only useful thing that our guidebook was able to give us was a map of the Subway in Mexico City. Which is very beautiful and efficient. Many of the tunnels in between lines have art or other cool things in them. None the less even with out the help of the book we were able to find a cheap hotel close to the center of town. It even had a TV which was a first for our Mexican hotel experience. Cartoons in the morning have been a nice way to wake up. Plus since they are for children the Spanish in them is pretty easy to understand. Monday night we walked around the Zocalo, the huge central plaza. After a quick dinner we headed to find some internet and in passing noticed that Borat was playing at the movie theater. We had been looking for someplace playing Borat for a while. It was in English with Spanish subtitles. We seemed to be laughing more than other folks in the theater. Maybe the translations were not as funny or if you don´t know American culture you don´t get all of the jokes. It was pretty good.

Our second day in Mexico City was taken up mainly by visiting the Museo de Templo Mayor. It is an excavation of the main Aztec Temple. It was really interesting. There were so many layers building because each new king had to improve the temple and would just build on top of the old one. Than the Spaniards came a wrecked a lot of it or just built on top of it. They could probably excavate the entire city and find things under many parts of it. That night we had dinner at the house of a friend of Mark´s . He was Mark´s Seminar Camp director. It was very nice to eat a home cooked meal and him and his wife were very nice. Of course we ended up looking at old CISV pictures and knew some of the faces in them. The world of CISV is small even if you are in Mexico. Sorry no photos today. Later we are off to the Frida Kahlo Museo it should be interesting.


Unknown said...

You're so exciting!

(this was very hard-hitting).

I am glad to hear of all these adventures and glad that I have been directed to yer blog.


Anonymous said...

hey you two,

loving the blog and hearing your adventures. Lydia and I missed the Frida/Trotsky scene when we were in D.F because we where there on monday when everything is closed... but we drank beer and horchata (sp?) in the zocolo and tried to translate election speeches. (thanks for letting me reminisce about my pre-grad school life when i had fun.)

the oaxaca scene will be interesting. I was there in the beginning of the strike in june.

be safe. make good choices (a public health joke.)