Friday, January 19, 2007


Not much to report today. Our second day in Mazatlan was spent walking. Up a long hill to one of the tallest natural light houses in the world. It was a pretty nice view but I forgot the cord for my camera today so you can´t see it. Then we took a long momantic walk on the beach. And had a nice dinner of shrimp and fish. After dinner we played music for a little. Mark worked on a new song for guitar and I practiced Silent Night currently one of my three songs on the Harmonica. We have been able to play one or two songs together although figuring out what key my harmonica is in. We headed to the local bar to watch the baseball team from Mazatlan get beat by the Tomateros from Culican in the Mexican Pacific League Championships. The next day it was off to Guadalajara where we currently are. After a long day of travel and a lot of walking with our packs trying to find a cheap hotel we were exhausted. I couldn't speak Spanish for the life of me and we were both spilling our food all over the place at the restaurant where we went to get some dinner. The waiters were nice and only laughed at us a little. Now we are off to explore Guadalajara which seems to be a promising town.

P.S. Sorry about turning comments I think I was trying to change the settings in Spanish so they are back up. Comment away.


kate said...

thanks for letting me comment again, and for the subtle momantic shout out. que te quiero y encantaría tomar un paseo momantico contigo en cualquier día.

Bernt Lorentzen said...

Jacob.. If your plans aren't made yet, why not go to Brazil? I'll be in Brazil in February.

Come come....

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying following your trip. It snowed here today--finally and we had waffles for brunch.

What's the weather like there? How is your Spanish going?

Mark, we will find your resume tonight and email it to you. It was not on my hard drive so I will search you laptop.

We will be very well represented at the demonstration next Saturday. We would love to hear what is in the mexican press about the state of the uikon on Tuesday and the demonstration on Saturday.
Diana and Len