Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day 3

Well we arrived in El Paso with only a slight delay due to de-icing in Denver. I took some pictures of the snow out the window of the plane. Possibly the only snow that I will see this winter. Erick whose family Mark and I stayed with when we were in Juarez picked us up at the airport. We spent two days in Juarez hanging out with Erick, his family and friends. Felix a friend of Ericks and ours is going to get married to some one who did the same program in Juarez as us in a different year. We saw the first 30 minutes of 007 casino royale before the projector quit. oh well the first 30 minutes looked good.
Saturday we left for Chihuahua after staying up until 3 to see Erick off on his trip back to Japan. In Chihuahua we discovered that our guide book is either old or just really bad. We have discussed burning it. A bus station that was supposed to be a few blocks North of the main plaza of chihuahua city was actually probably 4 kilometers south and after a lot of walking and some confusion we got a ride from someone that we asked directions of. We did make it to a bar in the really nice hotel in time to see the Eagles kick a field goal and than lose to the Saints. All in all it wan´t bad for our first day on our own. I vaguely remember being in Chihuahua city some things look familiar and we might even be staying in the same hotel.


kate said...

the guide book from your brother or the one i got you in cincinnati? i hope it wasn't the latter, although that one was from like 2004 right? that's really funny about wanting to burn it. you'd probably get along better without it.

kate said...

how come i can't make comments on the other blogs? fix it!