Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pics from Managua

As promised here are a couple of pictures from Managua. First a little bit about the house that we stayed in there. The house is owned by Luz Marina. When I was in Nicaragua for the first time in 95 or so I stayed there with her and her kids. She is know married to an American and they live in the States sometimes and are building a house on the Island of Ometepe. The second time that I came to visit. Luz was living in the States but I stayed in her house with some other folks. The people who lived with me at that time were Felipe who is my age and was dating Tati who is also my age. Then there were three 15 year olds; Ernesto who is Felipe´s brother, Alfonsos and Scarlet who is Luz´s niece. This time when I got to Nicaragua I again lived in that house this time with Felipe and his new wife Yessira (I think that is her name), and their son Hamilton. Luz was also there and her husband Rock came for a few nights from Ometepe.
Did you get all that?

Here is the 6 of us just before Mark left. A solar water heater that I helped make 5 years
ago. Which is still working well. Apparently I
did something right in my time there.
This is Ernesto who came to visit one morning.
This is me holding Hamilton.
He was fascinated with my camera
so I have quite few of these pictures.

Mark teaching Hamilton how to play the guitar.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Good to see that the hot water heater is still functioning. Have you seen Sue? Is she in Managua much or mostly at Savanna Grande?