Sunday, February 18, 2007


I wish that I had the Lonely Planet Guide book that we have been using so that I could quote the description of Managua that it has. Basically it says it is hot, confusing with no down town and no street names and nothing interesting to see. And for the most part it is right as far as the normal tourist goes. But there are many interesting people here and friends and if you never try the soy milk from Dona Sonya at Casa Nutrem you are missing out.
So we both made it to Managua now. I headed down from the North a couple days before Mark and have been staying with Filipe one of the people that I stayed with when I was here 5 years ago. Yes for those of you who knew me than it was 5 years ago. Man how time flies. There is not a lot to say about Managua yet. I did get to drink some Flor de Cana rum with some of the other volunteers that are hear working with Grupo Fenix. Yesterday I attended an Aikido class
with Susan the director of Groupo Fenix and the head of Aikido Nicaragua. It was fun to get thrown around a bit but I am feeling a little sore from it. Do not have any pictures yet but I will have some later of Filipe´s super cute two and a half year old. Hope all you folks in the states are having fun with all the cold weather.

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