Saturday, February 10, 2007

El Salvador

We made it to San Salvador with little problems and once we got there had some idea of where we were going. We were planning on staying with Patrick a friend from CISV Cincinnati. He is doing a program in San Salvador. If you want to read more about what he is doing check it out here
We had looked up his program online and knew that he lived only 1.5 kilometers from the University and we knew how to get to the University and we had two phone numbers and were pretty sure he was living at one of them. And it all worked well. We took the bus to the University called Patrick and he met us there. His house mates were very welcoming and fed us and let us play games and guitars in their yard. We also got to got Spanish class with him which was fun.
The next day we met my friend from CISV El Salvador Andy and he took us to a place where we went horse back riding up to a look out point on top of a big hill. Again we have some pictures but the computer is not letting me upload them for some reason so hopefully later. We also went and played soccer under the lights it was nice because it is pretty hot in San Salvador so playing later in the day made it a lot cooler.
That night I stayed at Andy´s while Mark stayed at Patrick´s. It was the first time that we had slept more than 5 fee away from each other in almost 4 weeks. A little bit sad but we got over it quickly. The next day I went to the beach with Andy while mark stayed in San Salvador and went to Patrick´s praxis site where he teaches English. After almost 24 hours without seeing each other we were reunited in a quest to watch the US play Mexico. To no avail the game wasn´t broadcast in Central America oh well we got to watch the highlights on ESPN sportscenter of the USA beating Mexico 2-0.
We went to a Museum of martyrs at the site where the 6 Jesuit priests and 2 women were killed during the civil war. Our student guide was very helpful in explaining what happened and showing us around. We saw some really gruesome pictures of the bodies the day that they were found. That night Andy got us box seats to go to the National Stadium. We watched Nicaragua get beat by Guatemala and El Salvador beat Belize. It was pretty exciting and the beers and burgers were good to. Although drinking the night before riding a bus all day that doesn´t have a bathroom is not really the best idea. Oh well a little dehydration is not that bad.

On to Nicaragua.

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kate said...

that picture of you and mark on horses is hilarious! i love it.