Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oaxaca and San Cristobal

The other half of our trip to Oaxaca was much calmer than our adventures with the thorns. The first night that we arrived we stayed in hostel for the first time. It was nice to meet some other travelers. We met an Australian guy who had been living in Toronto only a few blocks from where Mark had been living. Small world. However, sleeping in a room with 6 other people was not really our style and we found a place cheaper for the next nights. This picture is what we could see off of the roof deck of our new hotel. Not the most interesting but we spent some time up there playing music and reading.
The Plaza in Oaxaca is one of the best that we had seen. No traffic was allowed and there were a lot of restaurants around the edges to sit and have a beer or coffee. And since neither of us drink coffee we had a beer and some peanuts.
We hardly saw any signs of the general strike that had happened the summer. At least not in the places that we were going. There seemed to be some extra guards on the plaza and some movable barricades. See the post Mark, Jacob and Jorge vs los espinos for more about our adventures in Oaxaca

San Cristobal de las Casas-Home of the Matrimonial Bed.
When we were looking for hotels, we found lots of signs here that advertised the Matrimonial bed for cheaper than the other rooms. We weren’t really sure what that meant but we found a cheap hotel with out one so we never found out.
It was a pretty nice town. There were a lot of craft markets and people trying to sell blankets and bracelets on the street. We went to a museum of Mayan traditional medicine that was really interesting. It had the poster on the right that we liked a lot. We went to the museum of some Dutch explorers who had studied the indigenous peoples of the area that was a little strange because only in half the rooms was anything labeled but in the half that was labeled there were really intricate descriptions.

This was our last stop in Mexico next stop Guatemala.

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Christmas Card Commentary said...

Greetings, Team-

I have to say that I love the picture of the 'No tomamos Coca Cola' signs - hilarious, and sadly necessary. We need more of those around, up here in the States (probably in English would be more effective). Too few know about the human rights abuses behind their favorite bubbly beverage.

And just so you know, Mark, your folks have been advertising your blog via their winter holiday (not quite Xmas) letter, and my parents told me about it because they see me as a blog insider: they know I read and write blogs, which is a bit more technological advancement than they have integrated into their lives right now. Thus, my appearance at your site. It sounds like you are having a great experience, perfect for a good Brethren boy like yourself.

Thanks for the pictures!

-Audrey DeCoursey