Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good Times- Guatemala

We spent 4 nights in Guatemala- one night in Quetzaltanengo (Xela) and 3 in and around Guatemala a City.

We arrived in Xela in the evening and wandered around the city center for quite a while before stumbling upon the Hostel San Andres. Little did we know that we had arrived to one of the more festive hostels in town. No sooner had we returned from an early dinner were we invited for some drinks and conversation with the hostel owners and their friends. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were all drunk singing "welcome to the Hotel San Andres," I with my trusty guitar and Jacob piping along with his Harmonica. Jacob passed out a little early that evening and I spent the night jamming with an El Salvadoran guy who also played guitar.

By the afternoon, we had sluffed off our hang overs enough to catch a bus to Guatemala City. There we met Fernando, a friend I met at CISV camp last summer in Finland. Fer works in the office of his family´s funeral home company. He kindly offered us some of the best whitebread/American cheese sandwiches we had ever tasted. That evening we went to Antigua Guatemala, a small town about 30 minutes from the capital. Antigua is a beautiful town full of buildings preserved from the colonial Spanish era. It is so beautiful that it is now overrun by tourists, travellers, and language school dropouts. Mas gringos que gente, se dice. We stayed the night at a place called "Jungle Party" and then headed to Fers house on the big lake outside of Guatemala the next day. We ate more in those 2 days then we had in the last month. They just kept feeding and feeding us- spaghetti, tamales, chichuron, frijoles, tortilla. We were stuffed. The last night in Guatemala we stayed at hotel near the bus station in order to make an early exit to El Salvador. At five in the morning we were awakened by the sound of a massive traffic jam outside of our room. Our hotel was in the middle of the biggest market in Guatemala City and things get started early there!
Although things got started early we didn`t we did not manage to get on a bus until 12. However while we were waiting in the bus station we saw another Pooh. Here I am pretending to look at a poster of Guatemala while Jacob sneaks a picture of me next to the Pooh bag.

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