Sunday, May 27, 2007

Super Chivos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am sure that this did not make big news in the United States or most of the rest of the world for that matter the but yesterday Xela´s soccer team won the Guatemalan finals and turned the whole town into a huge party. Guatemala only has one national sport so it would be like taking the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley cup and whatever the basketball championship is called and putting them into one. They had a two game final one here in Xela and one in San Marcos. I went to the game here in Xela on Thursday night. My friend Andrew and I waited in line for over two hours to get tickets on Wednesday and than went to the stadium two hours before the game and still did not get seats. That is Andrew in the fore ground of the picture and Ruth (a teacher from the school) and Maryanne (a student) in the background and some random lady blowing a whistle with her eyes closed.We were standing behind the goal all the way at the bottom of the stadium. But it was still pretty fun. The atmosphere was great. Everyone was singing and yelling and cheering. Until they started losing that is They only lost one zero but the Xela fans are passionate but once they start losing they give up on their team pretty quick. Even the mascot and his grandson the chivito could not get the crowds energy up. A disappointing loss but there was still another game to go. I did not make it to the game on Saturday but went to a bar to watch it. It was a really good time. The Super Chivos won 4 to 1 and the whole bar went nuts every time they scored. And the owners gave everyone a free shot of tequila when they one. After that everyone took to the streets in the Central Square or a little further out where they had set up a huge stage and there was live music while folks waited for the team to arrive. The pouring rain did not even stop people. From right to left Victor Carrie Angel and I are standing waiting for the team to arrive.

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