Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving On

So it has been a really busy past two weeks or so. Last week was the last of my eight weeks at language school here in Xela. But no worries I am not leaving. I did have to graduate though. It was pretty fun I had been thinking about it for a while. The school encourages students to do something that they learned at the school or that they really like to do. People have read poetry, played instruments, played games, just talked, or done nothing. I read a little thank note to folks in the school than told a joke in Spanish and than read my grandpa´s poem "Lightly" which I had translated into Spanish. I think that it went pretty well. The two folks in the foreground of the picture are Nancy who knows a bunch of folks from Philly because she worked at Pendle Hill and Celina another student who was there with her dad. They were both also graduating this week.

Also last week I was looking for a place to live since I had to move out of my family. There are a lot of hostels and other places that rent rooms for the month but I got lucky and found a furnished apartment for a pretty decent price. There are two other women that I share the apartment with one from Chile and one from Guatemala. I have been there almost a week now and I really like it. It is nice to be able to chose what I eat and come and go with out thinking that I am bother the family I was living with or anything.

This week was mostly taken up by settling into my new living situation and trying to find a volunteer job. I checked out quite a few different places. And found one that seems to fit well. It is actually another Spanish Language school but they have a lot of volunteer projects going on one of which is a bicycle repair class. The class has actually been dormant for a while because they did not have any volunteers to do it so I will have to start out by doing some advertising and such but I think it should be fun. They also have an organic garden which I might help out in. And I will continue teaching English to the kids at the cultural center next to the school were I had been taking Spanish lessons.

But I do manage to have a little fun in between all that. After graduation I went out dancing then on Saturday was Carrie the International Coordinators birthday. Check out me holding up the pinata just after she busted it open.


kate said...

i love that this picture caught the candy suspended in air.

Anonymous said...

the world is too small if you ran into nancy diaz... love your posts. they make me wish i was traveling...

Sossego333 said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a really good situation right now. Wish I could visit you. Keep posting. I like hearing about what is going on.