Tuesday, May 8, 2007

People of Xela

This one is going to be pretty picture heavy so if you have a slow connection it would be a good time to go get a drink rest your eyes or whatever.

Ok so I am having a little trouble with the formatting but here goes from left to right. Look who showed up in Xela!!! None other than Hannah Hoover a friends from Earlham. Neither of us knew that the other one was going to be there. Next me and Xiu after Xelaju the local soccer team scored. Next Carrie the international coordinator and Carlos the director of my school.

The boys are in the house. Shazad me and Andrew all started school the same week. Miriam and Jake who both know Kate from Lexington Ma.

The two ladies on the ends are teachers at the Salsa school that I go to and the woman in green comes to help even out the male female ratio. Ted the guy in the middle was at the school but just left for the states. On the right is Anna one of my teachers at school. Probably marking up my home work.


kate said...

nice! looks good. that's what i wanted. i am forwarding the one of jake and miriam to my friend dana, who is in contact with brielle and susannah.

kate said...

oh and also i love the one of you whistling at the futbol game. that's very you.