Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here are some pictures that I promised.
NO I do not have any of my stool sample although I thought about taking one.

This is a picture of who is called the Ugly King from the Strike of Sorrows. It is a play on the beauty pageants that normally take place at festivals. Instead they elect an Ugly King who is the person who can best make fun of politicians and the government or who is quick thinking on their feet.

This is an example of the kind of things that a lot of people wore during their parade. The robes are similar to the ones that the men of the Catholic processions use. They do sort of look like KKK members though. Each different major had a different color and a different float.

There were quite a few things against Bush. I figure you can read the first part and the second part I won´t translate but it does not say anything nice.

Now to switch gears a bit this is Semana Santa. The only pictures that I took were at night so they are not great but if you click on this one you can see the bigger version and see the guys wearing robes and half hoods. That huge thing made of wood is being carried more guys in robes. They switch every once in a while but they walk really slowly. I can not imagine what it does to their backs.

Same float as the previous picture. It is a little hard to see because of the lighting but Jesus (the guy laying down) is really dark skinned. Maybe even a color close to what his actual skin color was. It was interesting because it was one of the only portrayals of him that I say with dark skin.

These things were really cool. Of course this one is older and has been run over by a few cars but I saw it when they were making it and it was much more elaborate. It is made out of colored wood chips with a bunch of flowers and things. They make them in the street where processions than walk over them. Sort of like the Native American (and maybe Buddhist) tradition of making sand paintings just to wipe them away when they are finished. You can still see the shape of the chalice in this one which was probably originally filled with flowers.

I do not know how well you will be able to see this one. It is a stitched picture of the view as I look south from my house. It was a really pretty evening but I am not sure if the picture really captures the beauty. Definitely have to click on this one to enlarge it.

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kate said...

wow, that last one is amazing---the clouds look animated. so the images of jesus in guatemala are usually lighter-skinned? it would be interesting if they were all darker, especially b/c catholicism in latin america has this colonialist history, but then they reverted jesus back to something like his original skin tone. or at least not white.