Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Day In the Life

So I have been here for about six weeks now and have some what of a routine. Not totally but I will tell you what a normal week for me looks like. So far I have always studied in the morning although there are students that study in the afternoon at my school. So I usually wake up around 6:30 or so because that is when the sun starts coming into my room. That is my room to the right. The baby also starts crying around then as well, I can usually lay in bed until my alarm goes off around 7 but than it is time to get up and start getting ready for school. I usually head down for breakfast around 7:25. Four out of five days breakfast is beans and a scrambled egg eaten with tortillas tamalitos (corn tamales with nothing inside cooked so that they are hard), or bread. I need to leave my house by 7:45 or slightly after to arrive to school on time. Going there it is all down hill so that makes it a little easier. 8 to 10:30 is class time working on grammar or pronunciation or what ever the theme is that day. Than it is break time there is always bread and coffee water or tea and of course fusbal or futillo as it is called here. It is the passion of a few of the teachers and some students as well. Than back to studying except for Tuesdays when there is a conference that I usually go to. Class is over at 1pm and I head back up the hill for lunch. Lunch varies a lot more than breakfast or dinner and is usually pretty good. It is the biggest meal of the day and some businesses close so that their employees can go home to eat. The afternoons vary a lot. Mondays the school show a documentary which I go to sometimes. But Monday and Tuesday afternoons are usually my days to get things done like washing clothes, getting money out to pay the school. Checking my email, going to the market or what ever other errands I have to run. Wednesday and Thursday are teaching English days so I have to hurry back to the school to get there by two in order to plan the class with the other teachers and than we teach from 2:30 until 4 an than discuss how the day went and things afterwards. Thursday is also football (soccer) night so at 7 we head off to a field and play soccer with students and some teachers. Friday afternoon their is a dance class every other week. which I usually go to and than at night there is the graduation. The picture is some of the teachers who always sing before the meal. It rotates every week who brings what one week the students provide the drinks and the school the food and the next week it switches and the students make food and the teachers provide the drinks. There usually are some students who go out afterwards dancing or to a bar. Dinner with my family is at 7 at night and usually consists of beans fried plantains an tortillas tamalitos or bread. Afterwards it is time for studying. Weekends vary I have gone on some trips with the school or else have free time to read study or hang out with friends. I have gone to two Soccer games here. They have been a lot of fun.

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kate said...

yay now i know what you're doing -8 hours.