Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spanish Language School in San Juan

Sorry I have been a bit lazy about putting up posts. So I have been in San Juan del Sur just over two weeks now. It has been really nice. After the first weekend I started going to Spanish school here in San Juan del Sur and living with a family here. It is similar to what I will be doing in Guatemala although there will not be a beach and ocean there. It was really fun. In the morning I had classes from 8-12. Here is a photo of me with my teacher Carolina. It was felt good to get back into learning Spanish in a formal setting. It has been a while since I have taken any classes or had to do home work but if felt good.
The first week I paid to do the school activities in the afternoon. We did things like walk to the top of the big hill looking down over the city as you can see on the left and had a dance class. It was nice and gave me some more time to practice my Spanish. They also took us to one of the beaches that are nicer than the beach at San Juan and most of them are totally undeveloped. The second week at my school there were not any other students who were paying for activities so I decided not to either. It would have been a bit boring by myself and plus that I way I had more time to laze in the hammocks at my house or explore the town or do whatever I felt like doing.
Almost every afternoon around 5:30 you could find me on the beach watching the sunset. This is one of the best ones although I have way to many pictures of beautiful sunsets on my camera. It seemed like every day was nicer than the last one. Sitting on the beach sometimes with a cold beer watching that sort of sunset is pretty hard to beat. Than it was off to the house for some dinner. The family I have been living with is really nice. They have had students staying with them for almost ten years. At least one or maybe two of their sons is married to someone who stayed with them.
They did host multiple students though. Which was great because I got to know some other students but also meant that I probably did not speak as much Spanish as I might had if I was the only one there. When I first got to the house there were 4 other students there. Rene from Australia, Stefan and Sarah from Austria (see photo), and Tony who is originally from Greece but has lived in New York for 30 years or so. So it was quite the mix of people there. It was nice hanging out in the evenings chatting or going to a bar for a rum and coke.

It has been really nice here. The pace of life is really relaxed and it is quite beautiful. But now it is time to move on. I will be heading to Guatemala for more Spanish language school and hopefully some volunteering. Stay tuned for Mark and my last adventure together. (It was about a week ago and pics of Emliy's birthday party.)

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