Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthdays and Goodbyes

When you live in San Juan going to Managua for the weekend is considered crazy talk. However, it was my last chance to see Mark and Emily was going to be celebrating her birthday so I had good reasons to go. So I hoped on a bus and headed up to the city of heat and smog. When I got there Emily was in the middle of getting a manicure/pedicure that her friends had gotten her for her birthday. And not to long after I got there Lenin her room mate's boyfriend, got there and decided that we men could not be sitting around watching the women get pedicures and we headed out for some beers and pool. When we got back the party was getting started and soon there were a good number of people there. There was eating drinking dancing and a cake that one of Emily's co workers had dropped off just before the party got started. Soon it was time to head out for the bar where Lenin's band was playing. First we had to push one of the guest's cars to get it started and after they were about to give up and leave it we finally got it started. Luckily the bar was only a few blocks away from the bus station that Mark was to leave from. So he lugged his big bag and guitar to the bar with us. His bus left at 2:30 in the morning so we had to keep the party going until then. Not hard since there was good live music and than some salsa dancing. Quite quickly it was time for goodbyes as Mark headed off for long bus ride to Guatemala City and than on to Mexico City to catch his flight home. It was a bit sad to see him go but we had a good trip and know that there are other adventures awaiting us as we go our separate ways.

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun! sounds like u are living about as stress-free as i was in costa rica!