Friday, March 21, 2008

Crater Lake

On Sunday we took a hike to this crater lake. It was pretty nice to get out of the city and not be in training workshop mode. It was actually quite a long hike about 12 Kilometers. I am not sure what that is in miles but it took us most of the day. It used to be a sacred lake and many treasure hunters went to great lengths to try and see if they could find gold or valuable artifacts at the bottom but to little avail. You can see the cut out in the side of the lake just above the guard rail where people dynamited a huge slash in the crater in order to try and drain the lake. Although they did manage to reduce the water level by about 50 meters they still did not find any treasure.
On Thursday morning we said goodbye to two of the people who had been training with me as they headed off to their respective subteams. Now the real work begins Thursday was filled with meetings about the structure of the Bogotá team and also deciding who will be the new liaisons for the various sections of the project and the different orgs that we accompany. Today I worked on a risk analysis for an upcoming accompaniment. Here in Colombia most people have off Thurs-Mon for Semana Santa so things are pretty tranquilo.

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Mark Porter Webb said...

Hey, hey, hey

Seems pretty cool, except for the whole dynamite thing.

I just returned from a seminar staff training in Brazil (going to staff a camp in Lyon this July). I met some CISVers from Bogata, Angélica Mabero ( was particularly cool if you are looking for some CISV connections there.

I am also the CISV NGO relations coordinator for the Americas region so if you are interested in connecting WFP with CISV on some sort of mosaic project I would love to help make that happen. You might want to figure out what you are doing down there first, but something to keep in mind.

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