Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back Home

Well for anyone that is still reading this I have finally made it back home. I do not even remember all of what happened since the last time I posted. Kate came down for the last two weeks to Xela that was really exciting we went to Antigua and some little trips outside of Xela. The school threw me a big party on the graduation before I left it was very nice but sad. Me and Kate headed up to Mexico and went to San Cristobal and then on to Playa del Carmen. We hung out on the beach there and went to see Chi Chen Nitza that is probably spelled wrong but it is a huge Mayan ruins site in the Yucatan. Then we both flew out of Cancun, Kate back to Boston and me on to Ketchican Alaska for friend from High School Katy Graves' wedding. It was a really great time seeing old friends and being there for her wedding. Then it was back to Cincinnasty. I have been here for a couple weeks now getting reoriented to living in the states. Seeing some old friends and trying not do anything at all most of the time. This will probably be it for this blog for the moment. Although it looks like I will be going to Colombia sometime next spring so I will probably start it back up then. Thanks for reading.


Lacey said...


Thanks for sending me a message! I'm sad we missed you here, and sad to ride the el nahual bikes without your know-how (I ride to La cuchilla and candalaria every Tuesday and Thursday!) - the bikes are a little bit triste right now. So funny that you volunteered with el nahual and taught elton and zuye - what?!? Let me know if you make it back here! Hope all is well back home!

~ Lacey

kate said...

I'm glad you posted one last post! i had been checking it periodically to see if you would write anything else.